Incoming PaymentΒΆ

Learn how to receive fast and secure incoming payments (Payins) from your customers with our Payment gateway platform. Customers can pay you using all supported payment methods.

The payment process can be integrated using two different approaches Payment Web Application or direct integration, you have to choose one of them before you start with the integration. Read on to get enough informations to make a decision.

Incoming Payment via Payment Web Application (RECOMMENDED)

We strongly recommend you to integrate this approach as it gives you simple and convenient payment flow in form of our Payment Web Application. The application is optimised for desktop as well as mobile devices.

It can be integrated in four simple steps and you do not need to implement payment flow UI in your system to guide customer through the payment process.

Go to this page Payment Web Application integration documentation to check how easy is to integration our Payment Web Application.


For those of you who prefer to guide customer through the whole payment process within own application and use only our API endpoints we support so-called direct integration approach but be aware that it requires more steps than Payment Web Application to integrate.